Swish and Click Website Suite

Shh...I know your secret!

The secret that you’ve been working on this website for pretty much ever and you just realized that the last piece of the puzzle is the photos.

Oh, the photos.

Maybe you intentionally put photos at the back of your mind because you hate having your photos taken and honestly with the million other things you’ve got going on like web page proofs and sales copy and figuring out your brand colors.

Maybe you’re an overachiever and this is the first thing to check off on your To-Do list (and for that, I commend you!)

Either way, you know you need to have on-brand photos with YOU in them to complete the whole ensemble!

And these can’t be just any old photos- you need ones filled with personality and spunk and your natural charm (yes, you do have charm, thankyouverymuch). Your clients are dying to know the face behind this business they admire so much and who are you to deny them!?

Trust me when I say I know how much these website photos mean - I’ve been there and you feel like the success of your website makes or breaks your business! (Which...no pressure, but they kinda do).

And for that reason, I make sure your personality and your business is represented truly and authentically to the core!

We work together to create a vision for exactly what photos you want and need, what size they’ll be and in what location on the website and all the knitty-gritty in between.

Saddle up, She-E-O, you are a BOSS about to launch the website of your dreams and blast your offer out into the world!

And I'm here to help you do it in style 😎

"Morgan is amazing! From our very first call I felt heard, understood, and inspired by her energy and clear love for what she does. She asked important questions that helped clarify my vision, was determined to find locations in the midst of COVID, and was delightful all the way through. My photos are absolutely gorgeous due to her commitment and incredible talent. Hire her!"

—Viva Asmelash Consulting, INC.

⌨️ The Swish and Click Website Suite Package:

What's Included:

  • 45-second Teaser Trailer
  • 3.5 hour shoot
  • 4-5 locations
  • 7 outfits
  • Full-Service Creative Direction & Planning
  • Zoom Planning Call
  • All images



**Prices subject to change at any time.

✨ See this in action!

See LIVE examples below of how my clients have used their gallery of personalized brand images to create high-end websites...

(Pssst...this could be you!!)

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The Included Brand Teaser Trailer Brings Your Website to Life! 🖥😘

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How it Works:

  1. Make sure you've got your website template picked out or your web designer hired - before you'll know it your website will be complete with the brand photos of your DREAMS!
  2. Click this beautiful little "BOOK" button below to Apply to work with me!
  3. We'll hop on a Discovery Call to make sure that I'm the perfect person to help you with what you're lookin' for
  4. After you decide to book (YAYY!!!), and your retainer fee and agreement have been signed, I'll send on over my Brand Questionnaire (which is the Secret Sauce to this whole operation)
  5. Once you fill out your questionnaire, we'll schedule your shoot and get a Brand Vision Zoom call set up on the calendar so we can go over all of the ideas I've brainstormed for your dream brand photos!
  6. During our Zoom call we go over everything from potential locations, outfits, and props, to your exact timeline and more!
  7. Shoot day arrives! (Spoiler alert: we have a blast). I show you the back of the camera lot to ensure you're happy with all the images we're capturing
  8. Within two weeks I send over your photo proofs to have you pick out your final image choices
  9. I polish up your chosen photos with some editing magic and deliver them as high-res digital downloads in your very own private online gallery!
  10. You send the link to your designer or download the photos yourself and pop those suckers in right where they belong!
  11. Hit "PUBLISH" on yo' website and throw that link around like confetti!! Congratulations on the launch, my friend!!


Do you choose the location?

What do I wear for my branding session!?

How are my photos delivered?

Do you have a Referral Program?


Do you choose the location?

The beauty of having a session totally personalized to your business is that we can brainstorm places that will best fit the personality of your brand! A more natural business might be better suited to the outdoors. A chef to a kitchen and an artist in their studio...the options are endless and I am here to guide you on the options I see best fitting your business!

What do I wear for my branding session!?

During our consultation we discuss the best outfit options so that you not only look amazing and feel confident, but you embody your brand!

Plus if I do say so myself, I have a pretty cool Style Guide and a bag of tricks to flatter anyone so clothing is a breeze!

How are my photos delivered?

Your high-resolution, beautifully-edited images will be delivered digitally via a private online gallery within two weeks after your session so you can easily access them to add them to your website!

Do you have a Referral Program?

Why yes I do! It's brand-new and super awesome- and you don't even have to be a client of mine to get a $150 Visa giftcard! Visit this page for details: https://www.morganpotterphoto.com/referral-program