Brand Photography for Introverted & Creative Entrepreneurs

I'm a branding photographer located in Sacramento, CA, helping creative female entrepreneurs save time and feel confident with personalized photoshoots!

I know you.

You’re REALLY good at what you do. The Crafty Life is the life for you. But there’s something missing and you’re just not getting the sales that you thought you would. You have no idea what the heck is wrong!

Well I’m here to spill the beans: It’s your photos.

“Photos? That’s ridiculous!” you think. Paying for photos is not in your budget and besides, you have a camera on your phone so you can get by with that, right?


Hate to break it to you, but it’s not just your sales that suffer when you don’t have quality, branded images for your social media, website and marketing materials...

It’s your confidence.

It’s your professionalism.

Your ability to maintain your dream business and do what you love for a living.

But imagine this:

You, as a self-assured boss lady making the sales, running your business and serving your customers in the way that you always knew you could.

You being able to support your family and getting to do the thing that make your heart soar EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Your family and friends so dang happy and proud of you that you can literally not stop smiling.

And let’s not forget- THAT CONFIDENCE.

It all starts with a brand photoshoot.

So what are you waiting for? Killer brand photos are the #1 way to boost your confidence and to finally achieve the level of professionalism you’ve been striving for!

So here’s what you gotta do:

1. Call me, beep me- Kim Possible style. Or hit the button below. However you want to do it, reach out and I’ll share your options with you! Once you’re in the books we’ll set up a Brand Vision call to start planning your dream branding shoot! (insert heart eye emojis here)

2. It’s Photoshoot Time! Customized props, locations and outfits all help craft your perfect brand aesthetic for your photos! We get lifestyles photos, headshots, pics of the creative process and more!

3. BRAND IT LIKE BECKHAM. I deliver your entire gallery of high-quality edited photos that you get to spam social media with, stamp across all your marketing material and revamp your website with. Let the confidence, customers and general badassery ensue.

"Morgan made me feel so comfortable."

"She allowed me to just be myself and get some of the most authentically 'me' photos that I've ever had."

- Allexa Crosson Photography

"Morgan is a master at her craft."

"She pays attention to details that I wouldn’t ever have thought of and went above and beyond for me."

- Sugar Magnolia Flowers

"Morgan was more like my friend who happened to be super talented."

She is the perfect combination of professionalism and a flat-out awesome human being.

- Shareen P.

"Her dedication is truly admirable, and our photos are gorgeous!"

"It was great having such a reliable and incredibly gifted artist with us along the way."

- Holly B.

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