Brand videos, say what!?

Yup, here at Morgan Potter Photography, we’re a one-stop-shop for your visual branding needs!

Like you, I have dabbled in other arts before landing in photography and videography was one of those. And this one just so happens to help you KICK TOTAL MARKETING BUTT!

Video is like The One Ring of Power...but for marketing.

Spice up your visuals.

And engage your audience on the next level

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So what even is a Brand Teaser Trailer?

This is a short, 45-second to one-minute video set to music that is filmed alongside your personal branding photoshoot to help tell your story in one of the best story-telling mediums! It can be formatted for YouTube, Instagram, your website or any other social media platform!

Now you may be asking: “Why do I need video if I’ve already got photos?”

In case you hadn't noticed (hello TikTok- hello Reels), video is becoming THE largest marketing advantage you can snag!

So my answer to that is: Unless you’ve got some Harry Potter wizarding universe magic going on and have moving photographs, video can elevate your brand to the next level!

Seeing one person’s smile for half a second is great for catching someone’s eye, but if you really want to get someone’s attention - and keep it, video is the way to go.

Letting people in on the secret of how you actually work and what your personality is like can be accomplished much faster with video than with photos.

Featured Client: Strong Life Co


Viva Asmelash Consulting, INC

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"From our very first call I felt heard, understood, and inspired by Morgan's energy and clear love for what she does. She asked important questions that helped clarify my vision, was determined to find locations in the midst of COVID, and was delightful all the way through. One the day of our shoot, I was facing a personal challenge and Morgan couldn't have been kinder or more thoughtful. And my photos are absolutely gorgeous due to her commitment and incredible talent. Hire her!"

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How it Works:

This brand teaser trailer can be added-on to any of my brand photography packages to save you time - and money!

Honestly, you probably won't even notice me taking video in-between your photos (I'm a pretty good video ninja), but essentially I can switch (with the press of a button!) between the photo and video functions on my camera.

Much like the prompts and actions, I will have you doing for your photos, I will ask you to repeat them a couple more times while holding eye-contact with the camera for the video "version". As simple as that!

For example, if you're a florist, we can get continuous footage of you cutting your florals and bundling them up and laughing as your work instead of simply photo snapshots!

Featured Client: Kathleen Curto

What's Included:

45-second teaser trailer

1080x1920 HD video

Formatted to any social media


ONLY $575

when added on to any brand photography package!

If you're still not convinced...

I'm not forcing you to do anything that you don't think is truly going to benefit your business, but if we're really keeping score of all the things getting a brand teaser video can help you with, I'll leave you with this final note:

You get to get everything done in one go.

Rather than scheduling another whole day, getting all dressed up again and paying for hair and makeup again, you knock out your photos and video in one session. Easy as pie.

Just sayin.'

Featured Client: Delorx