The Social Media Magic Package 💫

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Is creating content for social media always on your mind?

Like, you wish it were the very last thing, but also everyone and everything keeps reminding you that’s it’s pretty much the most important.

You feel like if you could just not post to social media and breathe for two seconds, you might be able to start moving the scale in your business and start feeling excited about it again.

But when you have a million and one things to do, nothing's easy.

And if I were to make a guess, one of the very LEAST easy things to accomplish on your long list of To-Do's is brand photos.

👉 Who wants to spend hours messing around with a stupid tripod trying to take photos themselves?

👉 Do you really want to beg your significant other (again) to take a couple of decent photos that will get you through the next month?

👉 Or maybe you’re just content with…ya know, hiding behind coffee photos or inspirational quotes and pretending you don’t exist.

I hear ya, it can be scary to make yourself- more specifically your face - a priority in your business.

But in order to create a personal brand for your service-based business that instantaneously has you connecting with DREAM clients, you have to get personal and get realistic.

People need to see your face and when you don’t have the time or quite frankly the skills to do it yourself, that’s where finding the perfect Personal Brand Photographer comes in.

'Cause once you get your full, gorgeous gallery of totally on-brand images that make you cry happy tears just a lil’ bit you’ll be asking, “WHY ON EARTH DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?

Not only can brand photography can save you hours upon hours upon HOURS of content creation time per month and per year...

But when you’ve got images you LOVE and are confident that show off your truest self and what you've got to offer, EVERYTHING in your business gets easier.

(Not just posting to Insta).

Suddenly you’ll enjoy writing emails when you get to add in a new brand photo.

Updating your website will be the most exciting thing you do all month!

And don’t even get me started about that newfound confidence you have in your everyday business interactions with clients.

So what are you waiting for?

This joyous life filled with more excitement, higher levels of professionalism, and greater ease as a service-based biz owner could be yours!

✨ The Social Media Magic Package:

What's Included:

  • 3-hour shoot
  • 4-5 locations
  • Full-Service Creative Direction & Planning
  • Zoom Planning Call
  • 100 images



*3 or 6-month payment plans now available!*

**Prices subject to change at any time.

"I had hesitated about getting brand photos taken for so long because I was nervous about making the financial investment. Now, I'm SO glad I listened to my gut and made the investment because the brand photos Morgan took for me were worth every penny!
(And this is coming from a girl who skimps and saves on EVERYTHING)."

—sierra, sierra lin design

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How it Works:

  1. Click that pretty pink buttons that tells me you are READY to get this branding party started and I will reach out to finalize your booking!
  2. After you've paid your retainer and signed our super-secret pinky-swear agreement, we'll get your photoshoot on the calendar and schedule your Brand Vision Zoom Call to plan out all the details of your shoot!
  3. Once it's official, I send you a snazzy Branding Questionnaire that is the key to making sure everything about your session is tailored uniquely to you. I take the info I get from this questionnaire and brainstorm a whole lotta awesome ways to make your session pop!
  4. Your Brand Vision Call is where we get to meet and review your questionnaire together! We decide on locations, props, overall aesthetic, outfits and more!
  5. After our call, I create a timeline so that our shoot goes minute-for-minute as planned and we capture everything you are so excited about!
  6. When the big photoshoot day arrives, I help you calm your nerves with natural posing prompts (candids are the best!) and silly humor. I then capture the best brand photos of your life.
  7. And just like that, I'll send you your photo proofs within one week so that you can pick out your final images!
  8. You get your final edited photos within 2 weeks after you make your picks, all hosted in a private, online gallery. Pics for emails, websites, Instagram, and more. You'll have the best pics for them all.
  9. Relish in your badass beauty. Change your profile photo, create a blog post, order new business cards and post to instagram, chica, LOOK AT YOU NOW!

Featured Client: Move with Rose

"I'm already attracting ideal clients and I know the burnout is behind me for good!"

—Holly, Full Cup Wellness


Do you choose the location?

What do I wear for my branding session!?

How are my photos delivered?

Okay, I am READY! How do I book?


Do you choose the location?

The beauty of having a session totally personalized to your business is that we can brainstorm places that will best fit the personality of your brand! A more natural business might be better suited to the outdoors. A chef to a kitchen and an artist in their studio...the options are endless and I am here to guide you on the options I see best fitting your business!

What do I wear for my branding session!?

During our consultation we discuss the best outfit options so that you not only look amazing and feel confident, but you embody your brand!

Plus if I do say so myself, I have a pretty cool Style Guide and a bag of tricks to flatter anyone so clothing is a breeze!

How are my photos delivered?

Once you select your final images, they will be delivered digitally as high-res images via a private online gallery within two weeks.

This is super cool because it means you can easily access your photos anytime (even if you just want to look at them over and over again)!

Be sure to download the whole gallery to your computer as soon as you get them! You can always snag individual photos from your phone later ;)

Okay, I am READY! How do I book?

All you've gotta do is shoot me an email through my contact page or to and we will get to work deep diving into your brand and create a plan of action.

I'll have you fill out my Branding Questionnaire and then we'll talk it over via our Brand Vision Zoom Call and iron out all the details!

Then we're rockin' and rollin' and this show is on the road! We meet up for our shoot and then you can start plastering your photos onto every inch of the internet to promote your biz!

Ready to Begin?