I'm Morgan!

Chocolate addict, anime nerd and K-pop fan, I'm also a brand photographer with my own small business!

I too understand how hard it is to show up day after day and feel confident and professional in your business.

Especially when you have a million things on your To-Do list and no matter what you do everybody else seems to be doing it better.

Here's the thing:

I struggled for a long time with how to present myself and truly feel professional…and before I realized it I had started to plateau.

Does plateauing scare you? 'Cause it scares the hell out of me.

Without professional branded photos, many entrepreneurs will never cross that bridge between “creative” and “creative professional.

Maybe you think that photos aren’t worth it or that you’ll have to change who you are to get great branded pics but that’s just not true! You don’t need to “conform to the norm” or change who you are to show up looking like you know what you’re doing!

So if you’re ready to stop second-guessing everything and start feeling like the dang professional you are, let’s get you booked for a shoot!

Fun Facts coming at you hot...🔥

I loooove traveling

I've been to 13 different countries and got the chance to take photos at a private chateau in france this summer

New K-pop fan

I discovered the group Stray Kids in February and they immediately skyrocketed to the top of my favorite bands list for their music style, morals and loveability!

I want to be fluent in Japanese

I've taken two years of lessons and I also love reading manga, watching anime, and attending conventions and cosplaying.

I have an undying love for anything Harry Potter

I mean I was practically born to love this series

I played racquetball competitively in college

I was the only girl on the team and I won two tournaments!

Think we'd be a good fit?

"Morgan is WAY more than a photographer. She's extremely creative, intuitive, business-savvy, funny, helpful and knows what it takes to represent and promote a brand."

—Dr. Holly Spotts, Full Cup Wellness

Just so you know...

  • I believe there’s nothing a good cuppa can’t fix (that means “tea” for all you non-Brits)
  • My history of art + photography makes me practically born and bred to tackle your branding photo needs
  • We can totally meet at In-n-Out for our consultation…just sayin’

"Morgan was more like my friend who happened to be super talented. She is the perfect combination of professionalism and a flat-out awesome human being."


Are you ready to stop the Comparison Game?

The first step to professionalism and confidence is here.

To boost your badassery, create the best first impression and start associating value with you and your services book your session today!

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