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Torn between which package would be best for you?

Tired of switching between twenty different tabs to compare it all?

I got'choo! 👇
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Full-Service Brand Photo Packages:

Website Wizardry

1-hr shoot
Full-Service Creative Direction
1 location
20 images


Brand in a Bottle

2-hour shoot
Full-Service Creative Direction
3 locations
45 images


Social Media Magic

3-hour shoot
Full-Service Creative Direction
Up to 5 locations
100 images


👉 But what is Full-Service Creative Direction?

You may notice that all of my brand shoots come with "Full-Service Creative Direction" and I want to elaborate what exactly this is because HINT: Not many brand photographers offer it!

Full-Service Creative Direction is basically me doing all of the planning for you:

  • I scout and pick out the best locations for your photoshoot based on your brand and your vibe. (And get you into gorgeous studios only professional photographers can rent)

  • I give you multiple outfit ideas based off of both your personal style and the ideal clients you're wanting to work with!

  • Heck, I even make an exact list of every single prop you will need to bring to your shoot (and even in what colors!)

Yup, I like to make it simple for you 'round these parts, because I know you don't have time to be doing all of this extra prep work yourself.

(I mean, that's why you hire a brand photog...right? 😉)

No Googling "cool places for a photoshoot near me," dealing with a messy collection of jumbled up Pinterest "Inspiration" boards or trying to figure out what items actually need to be in your photos alongside your gorgeous face.

So that's what I mean when I say "Full-Service."

To me, personal brand photos are not just about the photographing part, it's the entire process.

To hear more about my tried and true process, click this button here to get on the schedule for a totally no-pressure and free Zoom call today! ⬇️

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