I can photograph again!?

If you’re wondering what the most excited I’ve been since quarantine started is, this shoot was it!!

Mid-June California opened up and I started photographing socially-distanced shoots again, finally allowing me to get sessions on the schedule for all of my patiently-waiting branding clients, including Samantha from New Breed Meats.

Samantha started her plant-based protein business to present the connection between the foods we eat, our mental health, spiritual connection and social well-being. They also donate 10% of their income to educating needful communities! 

Branding the New Breed

Samantha hired me to develop both product imagery as well as branded portraits for New Breed Meats so while we went with a simple white background for the product shots for when customers place orders on on the website, we stayed with a clean and rustic combo for the styled food shots by using plain white china and an old wood table and cutting boards as styling surfaces.

(Also yes, in case you were wondering at this point, I was very hungry by this point in the shoot- all these drool-worthy meals were reminding me that I hadn’t eaten for four hours!)

To round off the day we took some photos of Samantha and her husband and daughter cooking burgers in the kitchen and then headed out to a nearby orchard for some headshots and a few family portraits for the website!

Samantha, the work you and your family are doing is so admirable and I look forward to seeing New Breed Meats on shelves everywhere!