Beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places! I’ve shot in a flower field behind a McDonald’s off the freeway, dank alleyways and most recently an empty commercial parking lot after hours!

I spent one gorgeous sunny spring morning (okay it was late February but Spring came early!) driving around Rancho Cordova looking for a spot for photos in the spring blossoms and found one not far from our neighborhood that was screaming to be photographed!

So I got my gorgeous friends Kiana and Shilo together for photos in the spring blossoms – and some new headshots for myself as well! (Because in case you didn’t know Spring is my FAVORITE season!)

For the best photos in the spring blossoms we used two different large flowering trees and experimented with layering between leaves and just having the trees as backdrops! 

However, we got kicked out by a security guard less than two minutes after we started photographing. 

The blossoming trees were in a spread of grassy land about twenty feet wide dividing two very large corporate parking lots and like clockwork less than two minutes after we started photographing, a security guard showed up!

 We asked what was wrong and I nearly laughed- he told us, yes, we were at perfect liberty to photograph in the planter in-between the two parking lots but he told us that we couldn’t be parked in this specific parking lot on this side of the divider because it was off-limits…

 So we all got back into our cars and made the world’s most giant U-turn into the next parking lot over barely twenty feet away 😂 I mean if it made us legal, that’s fine with me but c'mon- 20 feet! I found it rather funny.

Regardless, we got some gorgeous sunset photos and this is even the shoot that I got my newest profile pic at! (My friends are most talented) 👌

Thank you Shilo for my beautiful new headshots and for you both always being so game to model for me! All the blossoms may be gone now, but I hope this gallery is a fun little reminder of the beauty of Spring!

In the meantime I can't wait to get back out shooting again but in the meantime my self-portraits at home will have to suffice! (I highly encourage you to try this if you're looking for something fun to do- all you need is your cellphone!)

Until next time, my friends!

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