Francesca and I connected from the second we hopped on our Zoom Conference Call! She has such a fun and vibrant personality and takes gorgeous photos for her Francesca G Photography couples. Another thing I love about her is that she does not take herself too seriously! (First up on her list of most-wanted photos were all the bloopers and I am always happy to oblige when clients ask for those!)

So make sure you go give her a follow to see the rest of those blooper pics because there are some pretty fabulous ones if I do say so myself!

As for our actual shoot, it arrived on a cool (total sarcasm), 95 degree evening in Folsom, CA! One of my favorite new photo spots is a huge open field of dead grass (it’s a look, okay?) right off the freeway shown to me by my friend Allexa (you can see more photos from that shoot here).

Looking absolutely fabulous and with her bodyguard dad Art in tow, Francesca and I started off the shoot with some hair flips and air jumps (just to get the blood pumping). We then progressed to some photos with her camera, moved onto an outfit change with some wild turkeys in the background and our final setup of a picnic!

Since this was a special 30-minute branding shoot we didn’t get to go crazy with the location but I looove the variety of shots we were able to get! Francesca’s brand is very “light and moody’ and very naturalistic. Because of this, the field was a perfect place to shoot and we made sure to keep her outfits in natural tones and with just a little bit of contrast!

Faith is also a huge part of her life so we definitely wanted to incorporate some branded imagery with her bible as well as with her other great love- COFFEE!! (Or more importantly, chai tea lattes. She loves both).

Thank you so much for trusting me with your brand imagery, Francesca! I can’t wait to see where your business takes you!

Hair by Britani N Roy

Makeup by Vanessa Luna

Both from Lucas & Co. Salon