Elaina Florence Studio

Elaina and I met through a mutual business course we’d both joined pre-Covid waay back in February! Oh my, it feels like forever ago. We met for breakfast at a little cafe in Folsom and had a fabulous morning getting to know one another and talk about books and travel and art.

Fast-forward 8 months and we got to meet for Elaina’s brand photoshoot! I have to admit, taking personal brand photos for an artist and painter was somewhat of a dream of mine!

I’ve been an artist myself from a very early age and always preferred traditional mediums to digital so it was a shoot very close to my heart, even from its inception! I know very well the feeling of paint-caked hands, artfully messy workspaces and creating your heart out! (To the point where I was not allowed to paint inside the house anymore as a kid)!

Very conveniently, most of Elaina’s artwork is created in her bedroom studio in Applegate, Ca. There was a ton of gorgeous light in the photos she showed me during our Zoom call so I knew that photographing her in her “natural habitat” was going to be the perfect spot for both her brand and her personality!

Personal brand photos for an artist and painter to me was all about capturing the details and the every-day reality of Elaina’s work space.

Elaina entertained me over the course of our shoot together with her dreams and childhood memories and I had the time of my life capturing the bristles of paint-soaked brushes, finished paintings and old sketches and Elaina the gorgeous artist herself!

This was without a doubt one of my favorite sessions to-date. Everything came together beautifully and like I said, maybe I’m a bit biased as an artist myself, but I think these images are my best work to-date also ;)

You can see more of Elaina and her work here on her instagram!

If you’d like me to capture personal brand photos for you, I’d love to chat! Fill out the contact form here and I’ll reach out asap so we can talk about your vision!

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