One thing you may not be very informed about is the actual timeline from start to finish to get those shiny new brand photos in your hands from your photographer!

(You didn't think you would just book tomorrow and next week- POOF! Photos magically appear, right? 😝)

In fact, I wanted to make sure to write a blog about how long it takes to get brand photos because my timeline specifically as a personal brand photographer is a lot longer than most photographers and I want a chance to share why!

I’m going to break this blog down into different sections so you can get an even better grasp on all of the different stages and what’s happening throughout the whole process- even the behind-the-scenes of what you don’t see as a client!

So we’ll start after you’ve officially booked your personal brand photoshoot (for my clients that means signing a contract and paying a 50% retainer fee).

What’s next?

woman writing in a black notebook

Brand Questionnaire

Once you're all-in on the magic of a brand photoshoot with me, the ball is first in your court!

After you’ve signed our agreement and paid your retainer, I give my clients a detailed questionnaire for them to fill out so that I can learn all about them and their business and so that I can start to form a picture in my head of what their shoot is going to look like.

Typically, clients fill this questionnaire out within a week.

However, if you're on a time crunch (or just an awesome overachiever), and you get this questionnaire done the day or two after I send it, that can significantly speed up the planning process!

Average Timeline: Finishes within Days 0-7

Accelerated Timeline For Overachievers: Days 0-1

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This is where the magic happens- once you've finished the questionnaire, the ball's back in my court and I review your answers, taking everything into consideration and formulating the very best and most personalized way of achieving your shoot!

With the number of clients I have plus so of my other CEO duties, my timeline for this brainstorming and research is one week.

Average Timeline: Days 7-14

Accelerated Timeline: Days 1-8

BVC (Brand Vision Call)

Next up is our call where I present all of my fabulous ideas to you! I lay out my ideas for locations, what to shoot, outfits and props. We make alterations if anything needs changing and you leave the meeting with a minute-by-minute timeline, Props List and Outfit Guide for shoot day!

This is scheduled approximately one week after you finish your questionnaire.

Average Timeline: Day 15

Accelerated Timeline: Day 9

Photo by Allexa Crosson Photography

Prepping for Your Shoot

Ball's back in your court! With the lists I've given you to go off of, I give my clients 1-2 weeks to gather props before the shoot date, buy new clothes and book makeup appointments if they need them.

I offer my personal cell number to my clients so that they can text me photos of outfits (if they struggle with what to pick it want my opinion) and props before the shoot.

You need to make sure every single outfit is tried on fully beforehand!

Average Timeline: Day 15-29

Accelerated Timeline: Day 9-16

Photo by Robin Collette Photography

Shoot Day!

At the 2-week to one-month mark, your shoot finally comes to life! We capture fun and fresh photos full of personality and it's mission accomplished!

Average Timeline: Day 29

Accelerated Timeline: Day 16

Photo by Gia Chong Photography

After the Shoot...

All that's left is for me to edit your photos to perfection! My turnaround timeline is 1-2 weeks. I deliver your images in a private online gallery and then you get to pick out the keepers!

(Keep in mind if you request any additional edits after or take two weeks to pick out which photos you want, that will extend the timeline even further! 😉)

Average Timeline: Day 36-43

Accelerated Timeline: Day 23-30

Photo by Your Creative Counterpart

Why does it take so long?

"Why does it take so long?" If you're still asking this question even after the explanations above, you may just be looking for something a bit more casual! Which is totes fine- I know it can be a little overwhelming- especially if you only just started your business.

But real personalized and branded photos take time, consideration and effort from both parties! If a person is not willing to put the time and effort into creating images that will be the face of their business for years to come, I don't work with them.

If this is you, there are other "brand photographers" out there who may offer accelerated timelines and a "faster" process, but be wary! These photoshoots scheduled in one week with zero collaboration may come at the cost of doing the entirety of the planning yourself, or having your photos taken by a wedding photographer who's not familiar with what exactly is needed when it comes to good personal brand photography.

So When Do I Book?

During the off-season (October-February), you can easily get away with booking one month before (as long as you think you'd be able to adhere to the "Average Timeline" outlined above).

Busy season is March-September, during which I've usually got waiting periods of two months before we can even schedule your shoot! Because of this (and the fact the whole process takes about a month), I recommend you book two months before you NEED need photos.

(If it's April 17th, to have finished photos in hand by June 17th at the latest, book NOW!)

If you're chill and aren't super stressed, I would still book ASAP because 1) busy season is unpredictable and 2) my rates are constantly fluctuating as my experience and my skill increase.

(Better to book early and not shoot for two months than book later at a much higher price, no? 😉)

I hope this guide on how long it takes to get your brand photos was helpful!

Please don't hesitate to reach out for a free Discovery Call if you're interested in even more detail and have additional questions you'd like to ask!