Time for some backstory...

So I recently decided to buy a new shelf to take advantage of the extra space in my closet. Thought I might rearrange a few shelves at most. But what started with buying a new shelf turned into a complete reorganization and rearrange of the entire Craft Castle!

A little backstory with The Craft Castle: I’ve longed for a room solely dedicated to crafts for years. I mean really my whole life, but realistically it only became feasible once I moved out of my parent’s house and wasn’t living at school anymore back in 2015. But I wasn’t exactly rolling in dough post-college, so the craft room had to wait.

Fortunately, Damon and I found this amazing 4-bedroom house for rent in 2018 where we each get our own rooms for our chosen entertainment! (Damon’s room is a Game Room complete with big screen TV, home-built water-cooled desktop computer and fancy raisable desk...uber man cave).

So since my parents and mom especially instilled a great love for all creative endeavors early on in my life and actually had quite a knack for them ALL, I’ve kept those numerous interests into my adult life! (Yes it helps that I'm a huge nerd, too).

Jewelry-making, acrylic painting, watercolors, lettering, wood-burning, scrapbooking, graphite portraiture, Cricut projects, card-making, ribbon art (yes that’s a thing), personalized clothing designs, wax-seals, calligraphy, video editing, logo design, digital illustration, you name it- I’ve most-likely tried it!

I could’ve pursued a lot of creative careers, but photography is the one thing out of all my artistic pursuits that I like doing for others. (Drawing commissions of what other people wanted me to only annoyed the heck out of me!). So I save all m arts and crafts for fun and stress-relief

But I’ve got a LOT of art supplies and I need them organized!

So I said, “to hell with it” and decided to rearrange EVERYTHING. It literally took a week to unpack everything hidden in all the nooks and crannies and go through EVERY SINGLE BIN of old art, old paperwork, and miscellaneous junk while Shadow “helped.”

I went through quite a few rounds of moving around the shelves to find something I was happy with that still looked nice and would allow me to work with my desk close to the window for the best light (nothing like drawing in a dark corner of your room).

As you can see, Shadow liked the furniture in all the places, HA!

Eventually I condensed most of the “ugly” Lowes plastic shelving to the closet for all for my camera gear and archived art (I call this the ART-chives hahaha) and I saved the nicer shelves for books and all the craft supplies.

I absolutely LOVE how much more space I have now in the middle of the room (even though I inadvertently created a Shadow Express highway around my whole room by putting all of my shelves right next to one another).

I love working on the floor so the amount of space I have now is fabulous. I also have a mini charging station for all of my camera and flash batteries as well as a proper SD card organizer so I can easily dump my cards after a session and know which need backing up and which can be erased! (Woohoo, workflows!)

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed seeing this little reorganization journey- I wholeheartedly believe that redesigning and rearranging furniture helps inspire new creativity in your life so we’ll see how long this “arrangement” lasts!

Bonus photo of Shadow after a hard day's work of getting in the way...such a good helper