So there's not a whole lot of "new" going on...

And this will probably be my shortest “Monthly Roundup ever, as I don’t think I have had a month fly by so fast with so few (new things) to report!

But I must admit, I found my groove and me liking staying home more and more as April went on. I’m an introvert through and through and not getting triggered by uncontrollable things like traffic, unreasonable customers at the gym and having to go grocery shopping?

Well, can’t say I can complain.

I started working out every single day with out newly-completed home gym, cooked more than I have in years and started journaling for an hour each morning! I started playing The Witcher 3 (a fabulous fantasy RPG video game), had a Zoom Mastermind meeting with my industry ladies, played more Animal Crossing, did even more self-portrait shoots and I also planned an entire instagram workshop for Morgan Potter Photography SO I have to admit I was generally loving life most of April!


Probably the most exciting part of April was pulling together an at-home Easter celebration from all of my old Halloween decorations! I used some old soccer ball plastic eggs, found out I hadn't in fact managed to eat all of the discounted Halloween candy I'd bought in November and made up some cute decor using ribbons and others things I could find around the house.

I surprised Damon (and Shadow) with an Easter egg hunt and we had a yummy dinner to celebrate along with Damon's mom's gorgeous handmade Easter cookies.

However, there are things I’m really missing:

  • Eating out with friends (I just want some In-n-Out and girl talk, okay?)
  • Photographing other wonderful entrepreneurs 😭
  • Family
  • Anime Conventions (there was one that I was supposed to sell at in April which obviously got postponed and two others I was planning on attending this year that got straight up cancelled)

But besides that you guys, I am making the best of the time I have right now! There’s been some gorgeous weather and a lot of spending time with my guys Damon and Shadow 😂

I hope you all continue to nurture your sanity (as I am). Onwards, to May!

In Summary

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Blood Red Horse by K.M. Grant

TV SHOW OF THE MONTH: BBC’s Robin Hood (are we seeing a Crusader’s/old England theme here? Yes, yes we are)

FAVORITE PART OF April: One of my favorite animes Fruits Basket started its second season!

BIGGEST BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT: Prepping my Elevate Your Instagram Workshop and really connecting with so many new people on instaham!

MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: Our release into the wild!? Not sure if I’m more terrified or excited for our impending release…I am also doing a 30 Day yoga challenge of Yoga with Adriene though so I’m quite looking forward to that!