The Potter siblings reunite again!

This last weekend I went with Damon, my sister Mallory and her boyfriend Colby on a super fun little trip to Reno to visit my brother Troy and his girlfriend Brenna!

And since this is the first time I think I've properly blogged about members of my family, I may as well do it right!:

I am the eldest out of the three siblings (and fun fact: also the shortest). Mallory is next in the lineup about 20 months younger than I am! She's super tall, super talented with hairdressing and medieval European history and is just as much of a weirdo as I am (if not more). We grew up very close only one grade apart and yes, we do still get mistaken for twins! Haha.

My sister and I still live in Northern California so we still get to see each other quite a bit, but Troy, who went to school at UNR (University of Nevada, Reno) and studied Information Systems, stayed there after graduating! His trips home to Auburn are far and few between, so at this point we had to force a visit on him! (Okay it wasn't forced...we were invited, but still!)

Troy's the youngest child out of the three of us and was always the very quiet type growing up (you were seriously lucky to get even a few words out of him). He loves tennis, really fat cats and the movie Elf. And although he now has a fashion sense and speaks multiple sentences at a time (thanks, college), he'll still always be my baby brother!

So, back to the main storyline!: Reno!

The weather in Reno was perfectly chilly (finally some appropriate Fall weather while it was still in the 80’s in Sacramento) and the trees there were all fully turned in the most gorgeous bright fall colors when we arrived!

After getting settled in the super nice apartment guest house we’d rented, we immediately headed out to Ike’s Love and Sandwiches (which is delicious if you’ve never been there, btw!), then went out to enjoy a hike on the outskirts of town!

We definitely spent a half hour going the wrong way into a dead-end but eventually found our way to the actual trail 😂 I’m not going to lie, Mallory and I almost died heading up the steepest part of the trail, but thankfully we all made it back alive!

Panoramic photo taken from the top of a hiking trail overlooking Reno, Nevada

We next went to The Eddy outdoor bar (and no, bars aren’t really my thing and I am actually extremely uncomfortable in them - I don’t even drink beer), but I have to admit it was a pretty cool little place! There was corn hole and bocce ball (I love games) and some super comfy hanging chairs to relax in!

We then went back to Troy’s and Brenna’s place for card games (has anyone else played “What Do You Meme?”), and then later headed out for pizza and an awesome board game bar in Midtown called The Glass Die. We played Ticket to Ride and then ended the night with a super relaxing boil in the hot tub!

I dragged everyone out for some quick photos first thing the next morning Troy and Colby volunteered to try their hands at taking photos so I could be in some!) and hey- they didn't do half bad! (See below). And I was only slightly obsessively checking the back of the camera to make sure they were in focus haha.

Once photos had finished, we got brunch at Walden’s Coffee House (the most delicious waffle I think I’ve ever had!)

After that we had to say our goodbyes. Sad to leave, but it was such a fun trip I wasn’t too sad! Besides, the holidays are coming up which means a lot more family time to see everyone again! Bring it on, November!

The back of a woman taking the photo of a couple in the fall foliage
Group of young adults from behind walking along a road filled with Fall-colored trees
Boyfriend and girlfriend laughing with funny faces and throwing leaves into the air with fall trees in the background
Boyfriend and girlfriend hugging and squishing their faces up against one another with fall trees in the background
Woman in a pink sweater crossing her arms and laughing with fall foliage in the background
Group of young adults looking at a shelf of board games in The Glass Die in Reno, Nevada
Brother and sister looking at photos on a DSLR camera standing in Fall foliage
Woman turning over a playing card sitting on a rug in an apartment building
Man in a grey sweater with arms crossed smiling at camera with fall foliage in the background
Boyfriend and girlfriend hugging and laughing with fall trees in the background
Boyfriend making an unamused face while girlfriend laughs with fall trees in the background
Brother and sister laughing at photos on a DSLR camera standing in Fall foliage
Three siblings all making funny faces with fall foliage in the background
Boyfriend and girlfriend hugging and laughing with fall trees in the background