"Of course I know the way to the library!"

-Me to Shilo when she asked if i knew where I was going...

Ever since I had seen that my hometown’s library was completely remodeled on the outside I have been wanting to do a session there! (YES, a library session- I am a total nerd in case you were unaware!)

So since it’s Fall and completely gorgeous outside, I convinced my ever-eager friend Shilo to come out with me to the Placer County Library in Auburn for a shoot! I needed new headshots and Shilo is also a very talented photographer so we decided a fun photoshoot where we both got photos was perfect! 

After a delicious breakfast at Mel’s Diner, we headed on over and got to shooting! We designed Shilo’s look to be a very classic, almost 50’s-looking style whereas I opted for my (very appropriate) typical librarian attire for my headshots. And yes, let’s ignore the fact that I forgot to iron my pants 🙈

With all the Fall leaves and the gorgeous backdrop of the library, I am so excited with how all of the photos turned out - between all the laughs and funny poses Shilo did an amazing job with my headshots!! Please go give her a visit over on the ‘gram @shiyennexpressions and take a look at all of the photos below!