HOW ABOUT WE START WITH my tooth fallING out the firsT week of august!

So if you’ve been following me closely on instagram since the beginning of August, you’ll have seen the whole terrifying and quickly escalating situation regarding my front tooth and how I lost it...

If you haven’t, I’ve shared the whole glorious tale in a separate blog (because it’s kind of a big deal so it deserves its own blog hahah) and you can read that HERE!

So aside from only being able to eat rice, ice-cream and casseroles for most of August,

it was a pretty good month! I started watching Friends for the very first time amidst my recovery (I know I know, so late to the party) and I had a record-breaking month in terms of sales for Morgan Potter Photography, which is freaking awesome! (A huge thank you to all of my amazing branding clients who trust me to capture them). Just a few of this month’s amazing shoots were:

Her Elevated

I Love Pie Bakeshop

(Who was on GoodDay Sacramento and got her new photos featured there! That was so cool to see.)

Alexis Johnson Events

A Life Well-Lived Memorial

All of these ladies absolutely KILLED it, and I’m so excited to be servicing such fun and unique businesses and personalities!

I also did a couple of super fun shoots for my friends- a fun cosplay session with Kalani and a beautiful sunset photoshoot in El Dorado Hills with Kiana and Shilo!


Arguably the biggest chunk of my August came in the form of launching the #smallbizproject! Originally started by my good friend Allexa Crosson Photography, this project aims to support small business owners who have been affected by Covid and supplying them with complimentary brand photos and featuring them on my instagram and Facebook for the month of September.

Scheduling became quite chaotic as the Lightning Complex, Nevada County and Bay Area fires all caused an alarming and dangerous amount of smoke to overtake Sacramento. I managed to photograph 8 talented women creatives in August despite the smoke and will be finishing photographing the final 8 come this month! The features will probably end up being stretched into October because of it, but the more the merrier!

I’ll definitely delve more into the shoots themselves next month but in the meantime I’d love to have you all follow along with this project via instagram and by following the hashtag #smallbizproject!

(Risa's photo is the best, no?)

We got to have some socially-distanced family time in our backyard amidst the 109 degree days we had for about two weeks straight (with broken AC, mind you. It was terrible). I also got some awesome new books and my first ever film-scans back thanks to my friend Colton!

Annnnd finally, here’s your monthly dose of Shadow being a big derp.

I can’t believe this little guy is going to be ONE in just two months! I sound like a mom lol. His crowning achievements this month is climbing on top of and in EVERYTHING (on the counters, in the snack cupboard, in the sink…) and becoming a giant, shedding furball.

In Summary

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss



FAVORITE PART OF AUGUST: Getting my tooth fixed lol

BIGGEST BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT: Record-breaking month of bookings!

MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: FALL and not eating only soft foods.

Cheers to September, you all!