So, May was a thing, yeah?

It all went by so quickly I honestly even forgot to write this roundup blog until it was nearly June *shh*

Regardless of how fast it went and the fact that we were still in quarantine, quite a few things did happen and I am sharing them today! My Monthly Roundup series of blogs really has always been more of a personal venture than a business one, but even so, I’d love to give my clients and friends to get to know a little more about me too!

So, MAY:

It started getting toasty this month- all those beautiful spring flowers and April showers totally gone, as is tradition with Northern California but thankfully not TOO hot- evenings it was the perfect temperature.

Challenge accepted...

So throughout May, I decided to take on Yoga with Adriene’s 30-Day beginner’s challenge for the second time (the first time I attempted it, it took 3 months LOL), but with literally no other excuses to not do it this time, I happy to say that I finished every single day!

I’ve never been much of a yoga person and my preconceived notions about the spiritual-hippie aspects of yoga turned me off from it until recently, but Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is different. She’s fun and relatable and not afraid to make jokes and laugh and make fun of herself during the session and that makes me feel like yoga can actually be something for someone like me! I really do yoga for the mental benefits if I’m being honest- sorting out my feelings, learning to “turn off” my brain and retreat into a practice when I’m feeling beyond stressed from life or my business has truly been so helpful to me. So before you scoff like I might’ve used to, I encourage you to try out Adriene!

Busy crankin' out content...

Anyways, my Yoga Ted Talk aside, May was also majorly consumed by the filming of my Sustainable Content Made Simple mini series! It’s all about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can create their own content at home with only their cell phone! I love the concept but am waiting for some more feedback before I decide on how to move forward with it. Access to all ten videos will either be available for a one-time purchase or for free on my YouTube channel- I have not yet decided!

5 years together!

May 2nd, my boyfriend Damon and I celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary with a delicious picnic out in the backyard with sparkling cider, egg salad, homemade potato chips and brownies for dessert! (And yes, we're crazy cat parents and brought Shadow out to join us).

That was also the day I did my first ever Instagram Workshop where I shared all my secrets on how to Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic (thanks for everyone who attended!) Everyone loved learning my tricks and I’m already seeing people’s feeds up their anti and it’s so cool!

Other notable accomplishments include:

  • Shadow’s 6-month birthday!
  • Reaching my 50-day streak in Japanese on Duolingo!
  • Playing a LOT of The Witcher 3 and snacking all day
  • Going outside for the first time in 2 months to get some new art prints made and to socially-distance visit my family! (It was a big step, okay- I seriously hadn’t left my house in 60 days)
  • Ordered a bunch of new business and mindset books!

The Craft Castle gets a facelift...

The other big project for May was right at the end where I decided I was going to rearrange my Craft Castle! The Craft Castle is essentially the home of Morgan Potter Photography set up in our spare bedroom and also happens to house the tools for all of my other passions! Yup, I am a HUGE crafter and artist in addition to photography!

In addition to photo and video gear I need places for my jewelry-making stuff, my acrylic paints, my markers, my wax sealing supplies, my calligraphy tools, my embossing powders and my scrapbooking stuff, all my sketchbooks, watercolors and brushes, wood-burning tools, Cricut machine and vinyl, the list goes on!

So what started with buying a new shelf to expand the storage capacity for my closet turned into a complete reorganization and rearrange of the Craft Castle. I absolutely LOVE how much more space I have now (even though I inadvertently created a Shadow Express highway around my whole room by putting all of my shelves right next to one another). I love working on the floor so the amount of space I have now is fabulous. I also have a mini charging station for all of my camera and flash batteries as well as a proper SD card station so I can easily dump my cards after a session and know which need backing up and which can be erased! (Woohoo, workflows!)

I even managed to squeeze in a mini shipping station right under my desk for all of my Etsy products (which I only occasionally kick while working)!

In Summary

How was your May? Now that we’re more accustomed to these stay-at-home orders it’s weird to be establishing a new “normal”! Here's my "tops" for this month!:

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Stop Checking Your Likes by Susie Moore

TV SHOW OF THE MONTH: Outlander Season 5 (So good!!)

FAVORITE PART OF MAY: A PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS TV SERIES ON DISNEY+ WAS ANNOUNCED!!! (I love the books SO. MUCH. And the movies were kind of a hot mess so this is more than we fans could have ever hoped for <3)

BIGGEST BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT: Finishing filming for Sustainable Content Made Simple

MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: Hopefully getting to start shooting socially-distanced outside again!? Boy I miss photographing people other than myself

What are you most looking forward to, friend?!