How personal brand photos can make you more money and land you better clients!

Personal brand and brand photography is still a pretty dang new thing in the world of entrepreneurship so today I want to spill the beans on brand photos!

Let's do a little experiment:

When you’re looking online- specifically social media to hire a new coach or buy a new product, what do the photos say about the service or product?

Really pay attention to your gut reaction on how people’s brand images make you feel.

Do the nicer, more professional photos attract you more? Do you automatically find yourself associating professionalism with these photos? Are these the people or the products you feel more inclined to buy from?

How about accounts or shops with cell phone photos? Grainy, with bad light - How do those subconsciously make you feel? Sketched out? Unsure of the quality of the product or whether or not you may even get scammed?

perception is reality

It’s the same with buying in-person - a guy hawking his homemade clay vases on the side of the street doesn’t give you the same reassuring feelings as buying from Target or Home Goods.

Even if this man on the side of the road is an absolute genius and produces the same quality (or even higher quality) products, you view him just a lil’ bit differently, don’t you?


Why you need personal brand photos!

Now I want you to go back to your own business's social media page.

How do you imagine YOUR photos make potential clients feel? Confident in their purchases? Like they’re getting a high-quality product or maybe nah?

The truth sometimes hurts...

Having professional, personalized and true-to-you images tells your customers a lot about your business (despite how much we like to think that “looks don’t matter”).

Why do people buy from us?

For whatever reason, we tend to subconsciously associate a lot of things that make us more likely to BUY from someone in our brand photos and visuals. Here are just a few examples of thing that people immediately relate to a brand with professional photos:

  • A higher price point
  • Credibility
  • Competency
  • Trust (since they get to see the face behind the business and get to know you!)
  • That you’re serious about your business

Now not every business is ready to get to this next level. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to get your intake forms straightened out before even beginning to think about getting a higher price point, but the point is that your brand images matter.


The importance of branding...

If you want to stop being the DIY-biz owner and start being associated with professionalism and step into your badass BOSS role, brand photos make all of the difference!

And when you get the right brand photographer like myself to help guide you through the process and really get to know you and your business, you end up with amazing images that not only represent your biz on the highest level, but that show off your personality and lead to a whole lot more people wanting to know your name!

If you still have questions, don't be shy!

I hope that helps clear things up a little! I’d LOVE to know if you have any more questions about the importance of brand photography for me so feel free to email me or reach out on instagram!

You can visit my website to learn more about the brand photography packages I offer, or fill out the contact form there to submit an inquiry to take your personal brand photos to the next level!