Nothing like a nice, 100°+ day to get some authentic summer brand photos in!

(I kid, let's do summer photos in the spring please)!

For Kathleen Curto Photography's second of four brand shoots this year (she's in the super-fantabulous Membership I offer!), we busted out the swimsuits, sunglasses and sparkly pool floaties!

HECK YEAH! I was so excited for a summer-themed shoot! There are soo many options to play around with (a lot of which you'll see we took advantage of for Kathleen's shoot!)

Some of you ladies may be a bit skeptical about getting seasonal brand photos for your business, but here's my take on it:

✨IT'S SIMPLE. "Summer...but make it on-brand." 😎

For Kathleen, she has a lot of really light pastel colors for her brand that are certainly more suited to Spring at first glance, but if you know how to find the right props and outfits, any brand colors can work for any season!

For Kathleen's summer brand photos we focused on getting props that:

1) Were in her light blue, light grey, peach and light coral colors

2) Were themed in a way that was on-brand!

For example: Kathleen LOOOVES Disney and Harry Potter and all things magical. So her summer tumbler had Disneyland and Mickey Mouse on it. Her floatie had magical sparkles. These are very simple ways to do summer....BUT ON BRAND!

Towels, swimsuits, hats, notebooks, even locations etc. are all fabulous opportunities to be able to infuse your photos with epic on-branded-ness (and don't worry- I helped Kathleen figure all of this out beforehand on our Zoom call so she wasn't left in the dark!)

Check out below how the whole thing turned out!!

Next up is Fall!

If you're interested in getting your own personal brand photos for a specific season or even just evergreen (can be used year-round), now's the time! I am currently accepting applications to work with me so that I can be your magical Dumbledore to guide you through the brand photo process 😉

👉Apply now!

✨Featured Brand: Kathleen Curto Photography