It's time to save some MULAH!

If you’ve been waiting all year for the best deals to level up your biz, now is your time to thrive! Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses have been kind of hit and miss this year if I’m being honest (#thanks2020), but there are still some really great ones you can take advantage of!

I’ve curated my list of top deals for this Black Friday based on the services I personally use in my branding photography business (so yes, a lot of services are going to be more tailored to photographers) to share with you all!

Without further ado LET’S GOOO!:

DUBSADO- Client Management

I just started using client management software in May and let me just say: IT’S BEEN A GAME-CHANGER.

I did trials for several different companies, but loved Dubsado the most. One-click to sign contracts. Emails, invoices, questionnaires and workflows all in one place. Clients LOVING the experience on their end- what’s not to love!?

Until December 1st, you can get Dubsado for $30/mo or $300/year (regularly $35/mo or $350/yr). Just click the link below!

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AMY & JORDAN- Photography Course

So, quick little Story Time: Morgan Potter Photography literally would not exist without Amy & Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course. It sounds dramatic, but it’s 1000% true.

Before I took their course, I knew absolutely diddly squat about how to work my fancy schmancy DSLR camera and in a few short months I became more than competent- I realized I was actually good at this thing called photography all thanks to them!

Amy and Jordan are a husband and wife team of wedding photographers who also used to be teachers in the same elementary school! (So yeah, they’re pretty well-primed for the education space). They are amazing people and have a great philosophy on business as well as how to teach people in ways that make sense and get your photos right in-camera.

Hands-down the best investment I’ve made in myself and I would highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of shooting light and airy photography! I also own their Style Guide templates, timeline templates and the AJ Business Course!

Their Shooting & Editing and Posing courses are $200 off and they have great deals on many other digital products as well!

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PLANOLY - Instagram Planning

Seriously you guys, the time and stress I’ve saved by using an instagram planner is INSANE! Planoly lets me see all of my photos beforehand so I can calm my OCD and create a beautiful-looking grid. It also lets you schedule captions, first comments and let’s you add customized hashtag groups to your posts!

Planning out a month’s worth of content at at time has saved me so much of that daily stress- you know, the stress you get when you know you should be posting to IG at this exact time but you hadn’t really thought it out and you don’t know what picture to choose or what to say and so now you’re just not going to? Yeah, that stress 😉

They have a free account version, however if you’d like to get unlimited photos like I have to plan out your grid, Planoly is now offering 30% off account upgrades or new plans before December 1st!

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ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD - Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and more...

We all know Adobe doesn’t have sales very often, so when they do you gotta hop on it!

If you don’t have access to a student email address (whether you’re a student or not 😉), you’re going to be paying somewhere in the range of 53 big ones every month for access to this very necessary software for photographers and creatives.

Right now, Adobe is offering 20% off of their “All Apps” Creative Cloud Membership, bringing that sucker down from $53/mo to $40/mo.

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STOMP SOFTWARE - Drag & drop photo templates for blogging

I’ll be upfront and say I don’t currently use StompSoftware anymore because Pixieset offers a great drag-and-drop blogging experience already, but if you are sick and tired of resizing and realigning all of the images in your blog time and time again, I highly recommend BlogStomp!

It’s a one-time purchase and it’s software that allows you to drag and drop all of your images on chosen templates (or autofill them!) for use in blogs (they also have AlbumStomp too!)

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Everyday Good Deals

In addition to Black Friday deals, I also want to share some All Year Round good deals too, thanks to my affiliate links! With these links you’ll get very special pricing from companies I love, but who aren’t currently offering any Black Friday deals for small businesses:

FLODESK - Email Builder

Odds are if you’re on the mailing list of basically anyone in the creative industry (myself included), you’ve seen one of Flodesk’s gorgeous email templates. They’re super easy to use, fun and eye-catching!

With this link you’ll get 50% off your Monthly Subscription! Instead of $38/mo, you’ll only be shelling out $19/mo 👍

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PIXIESET - Client Gallery and Website Hosting

This one’s another must-have for photographers! Clients, whenever you check out your gallery online, this company is what’s hosting it and enabling you to see all of your photos gorgeous tiled with the ability to create Favorites lists, turning on and off downloading, easy sharing with friends, purchasing prints and more!

I’ve had the 100GB with them since 2017 and I’ve STILL got free space! (And if you know me, you know I shoot a LOT of photos per session).

In addition to hosting my Client Galleries, Pixieset is also currently hosting my website! It’s a very intuitive website builder (drag and drop style), and although I’ll be moving website hosts soon, I would still highly recommend it to anyone looking for something simple yet pretty! The blogging feature is also drag and drop (which is my FAV) and when paying for both website and gallery hosting together, you save a TON of buckaroos! 💰

If you use this link below not only do you get 20% off on a yearly Subscription (ie $28/month for website hosting AND 1,000GB of gallery hosting), but we will each get an extra 250MB of storage for free when you join cause they’re awesome like that!

They even have great free account options for websites without a customized URL and free Client Gallery hosting (which you’d still get 250MB free by using the link too!)


$28/mo (via yearly subscription) for the Pixieset Suite subscription (website, online store, and desktop and mobile gallery hosting)!

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Well, my amigos, that’s all I’ve got for you! Go forth and SAVE! Let me know what you decided to invest in this 2020 Black Friday!