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"I had hesitated about getting brand photos taken for so long because I was nervous about making the financial investment. Now, I'm SO glad I listened to my gut!

The photos Morgan took for me were worth every penny (And this is coming from a girl who skimps and saves on EVERYTHING).

Before my photoshoot with Morgan, I was struggling daily to show up online as a true expert in my niche. I was wasting so much time just trying to "fake" my own brand photos so I had something to use online. I suffered from major bouts of imposter syndrome. 

Now not only do I have beautiful photos to showcase my business everywhere online, but prospective clients are seeing the very BEST I have to offer because my photos finally match my personality and showcase the value my offers provide!"


Just sayin'


Just sayin'

Samples from a recent brand shoot for Community Rose:

"My confidence in being that laidback, hair-up style business owner is now everywhere for people to see and connect with."

—kaci ackerman