you've snagged a spot!!

And I cannot wait to photograph you at your Fall mini brand session!! 🍁

Seriously, we're gonna have so much fun with these themed photos, you have no IDEA!

Now, there are just a couple more things I need you to do in order to be set up for OPTIMAL success for your mini brand session with me!:

  1. Go check your email- you should have gotten (or will get one soon) an invitation to add our brand mini-date to your Calendar. Put it in there right now!! (And set extra reminders!)
  2. Download this juicy, helpful-hint-filled Branding Guide to start getting together your props and outfits for your session!
  3. DO A SUCCESS DANCE!!! Like no one's watching. 'Cause you are LEVELING UP, even if no one else knows it, this mini brand session you just invested in is going to skyrocket your engagement and your business into outer space 🚀

Cheers to you, you crafty lady. ☕️

I can't wait to get you in front of my lens!!


Jessie & Ryan

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