Pricing + FAQ

Are you ready to elevate your brand? If you're struggling with consistency and feeling more professional, you've come to the right place.

I Solemnly Swear...

  • That everything will be tailored to your brand
  • To guide you on posing and prompts so you won't ever feel awkward in photos
  • That I will never force you to be someone you're not for photos
  • You will never have to sacrifice professionalism for personality

In order to best serve you, I offer three different branding photography packages that will help you bolster your brand's image - whatever stage of business you're in!

(I've got you covered for social media, your website, marketing materials and more!)

However, I realize that all businesses may have different needs so I also offer à la carte items if you have something specific in mind! (Scroll down for those)

You choose what best fits your business' needs! And if you don't know? Drop me a line and I would love to set up a call and help you determine that.

Packages starting at $1,125

Payment Plans Available

Together we'll create all of the branded images your business needs so you never need to worry about running out of photos again!

We'll get photos of your workspace, the creative process, lifestyle photos and headshots so you're covered for any photo necessity.

Need consistently fresh content?

Any of my packages can also be booked as quarterly photoshoots (with huge savings on price!) to get you the most engaging seasonal photos and keep your images updated and relevant all year long!

*Prices subject to change*

How it Works:

1. Branding questionNaire

Once you book, I send you this questionnaire that is the key to making sure everything about your session is tailored uniquely to you. I take the info I get from this questionnaire and brainstorm a whole lotta awesome ways to make your session pop!

2. Brand vision Call

This in-person or online Brand Vision Call is where we get to meet face-to-face and review your questionnaire together! We decide on locations, props, overall aesthetic, outfits and more!

 3. fabulous photoshoot

I create a timeline so that our shoot goes minute-for-minute as planned and we capture everything you are so excited about! I help you calm your nerves with natural posing prompts (candids are the best!) and silly humor. I then capture the best brand photos of your life.


You get your photos within 2 weeks- and the best part? You don’t have to pick and choose here, ladies! I want you to get as much content as possible out of our time together. Emails, website, instagram, and more. You'll have the best pics for them all.

Video Options

Brand Teaser

This video option may be added on to any current photography package. I will shoot video during our photoshoot and deliver as a 30-second teaser trailer for social media.


Brand Trailer

A 1-minute to 1-minute 30-second trailer including an hour and a half of shoot time including script revision, voiceover, and b-roll. This video can be formatted to any social media or website specifications you need!


Brand Video

I will craft an exclusive 2-3 minute full HD video complete with an interview, to show just how much awesome you can provide your clients!



Do you choose the location?

What do I wear for my branding session!?

How are my photos delivered?

Okay, I am READY! How do I book?


Do you choose the location?

The beauty of having a session totally personalized to your business is that we can brainstorm places that will best fit the personality of your brand! A more natural business might be better suited to the outdoors. A chef to a kitchen and an artist in their studio...the options are endless and I am here to guide you on the options I see best fitting your business!

What do I wear for my branding session!?

During our consultation we discuss the best outfit options so that you not only look amazing and feel confident, but you embody your brand!

Plus if I do say so myself, I have a pretty cool Style Guide and a bag of tricks to flatter anyone so clothing is a breeze!

How are my photos delivered?

All of your high-resolution, beautifully-edited images will be delivered digitally via a private online gallery within two weeks after your session so you can easily access your photos anytime (even if you just want to look at them over and over again)!

Be sure to download the whole gallery to your computer as soon as you get them! You can always snag individual photos from your phone later ;)

Okay, I am READY! How do I book?

All you've gotta do is shoot me an email through my contact page or to and we will get to work deep diving into your brand and create a plan of action.

I'll have you fill out my Branding Questionnaire and then we'll talk it over via our Consultation Call (or some In-n-Out- your choice) and iron out all the details!

Then we're rockin' and rollin' and this show is on the road! We meet up for our shoot(s) and you get all your gorgeous photos back within two weeks so you can start plastering your photos onto every inch of the internet to promote your biz!

Ready to Begin?